Buying Tips

Always attend the inspection if possible

This will give you the opportunity to ask questions, observe the inspector to ensure that they are being thorough, and note cosmetic issues that you may want to address. Being told not to attend is often a red flag for most people.

Ask for receipts

When work has been performed on the home after your initial inspection you may want to verify that a licensed and qualified professional performed the repairs. It may also be good information in the future if additional repairs are needed or required. An invoice or quote for work to be performed is never an acceptable form of verification of work performed.


Ensure that the utilities are on for your inspections

Often it is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the utilities are on so that the items that are requested to be inspected can be inspected.

Ask if the property AND/OR home has ever flooded or had a fire

We live in a hurricane prone area and often times older homes will have had a history of damage. The older the home the more time that it has had to be damaged.

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