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   About Us

We are a veteran owned business that has been serving Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton counties since 2011. We excel in continuing education with InterNACHI's and the state of Florida's requirements. Inspectors are required to obtain 14hrs per year to keep their license current. Last year we acquired over 207 hours with InterNACHI alone in educational credit hours.  All of our certifications are current and verifiable at all times.


We work solely for the client and have no realtor ties that will affect your inspections. We look at every home as though it was our own and take pride in our inspections. Our lead inspector, John Ellis, has personally been locally employed in multiple areas of home and commercial buildings construction for over 15+ years prior to becoming a home inspector and has three honorable discharges from the military (USMC, USFLARNG, & US ARMY).


Services Offered

Suburban House
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Home Inspection/Pre-Listing Inspection

A home inspection is a pre-purchase inspection designed to inform the client of the apparent current condition of the home in order to enable the them to make a better decision on their purchase of a new or older home. A Pre-Listing inspection is a home inspection for home owners who wish to place their homes on the market and possibly make repairs or recommended upgrades before listing the property for sale.


Wind Mitigation

An inspection designed to lower your insurance premiums by verifying hurricane mitigation requirements such as shutters, nail patterns at roof, hurricane clips, and more.

Insurance Agent
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Four Point Inspection

An insurance inspection that is commonly required on older homes for obtaining coverage. The four areas of inspection are the roof, electrical, plumbing, and hvac.

Roof Certification

Often an insurance company will request a roof certification on a home to gain information on the current condition and remaining life expectancy of a roof system for insurance purposes.

Signing a Contract

11th Month Warranty Inspection

An 11th month warranty inspection is similar to a home inspection. It is designed for people who have purchased a home with a warranty that expires in one year and need to ensure that any possible issues such as settling, improperly functioning hvac, leaks, etc are fixed before the warranty expires.

Home Interior Toxicology Testing

Samples are taken and sent to a laboratory for testing for illicit drugs to indicate if the home was used as a meth lab or other clandestine drug activity before purchasing a home.

Drywall Repair and Restoration

Chinese Drywall Testing

Samples are taken and sent to a laboratory to determine if Chinese drywall was installed in the home. The hazardous off gases produced from some of this drywall present serious health hazards if present.

Thermal Imaging

We use a T440 FLIR camera to help identify or detect conditions such as moisture penetration, areas of insufficient insulation, overheating electrical wiring, and more in order to help identify potential issues or problems that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Our wind mitigation inspection saved us a lot of money after having all of the upgrades installed.

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Current Certifications


Common Questions

The Help Center


How long does a home inspection take ?

A general home inspection normally takes 2-3 hours to complete.

When can I expect the reports to be delivered ?

The delivery time depends on the current workload. Most reports are delivered via email within 24 hrs after completing the inspection.

When do I need to pay for the inspection and how do I do so ?

Payment is due at the time of inspection. If you are unable to attend and would like an online electronic invoice we'll be happy to provide one for you. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

Can I attend the home inspection ?

You are always welcome to attend any home inspection and are openly encouraged to do so as it makes answering questions much easier.

Do you provide any warranties ?

We do not offer any warranties since our inspections are for the day and time that we are there. We can not predict the future or what lady luck will toss our way.

Do you require a contract for your services ?

We do require a pre-inspection agreement before providing services.

Do you offer any discounts ?

We offer a $25 discount to all currently active duty military personnel and their spouses on all home inspections.